Ideological Formation

Ideological Formation addresses the relationship between the militarization of the male body and the proscription of heterosexuality.  An audio score notating the gestures of an embracing couple accompanies the movements of three cardboard boxes.  Two dancers hide underneath factory-produced boxes and move them, like mechanical toys, following the instructions heard in the room.  Later, the dancers emerge from underneath the boxes to perform a regimented choreography drawn from military drills.

Ideological Formation was first performed at The Kitchen in New York in June 2010, organized by the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program.  The work was reiterated for a presentation at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa in Lisbon, a 17th- century palace now functioning as an exhibition space for contemporary art in July 2010. Mount Tremper Arts Festival in upstate New York presented a third iteration of the work in August 2010.

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