Preliminary drawing, UCLA Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2013.

A pause, a gap, an opening, a difference of pitch, a distance, everything between one and two, an empty set: Interval consists of sheets of 4×8 plywood mapping the floor plan of the exhibition space. These modular units are rotated at an angle against the grid of the building’s architecture and laid out on the floor of the exhibition space, running up walls and under door frames as determined by the rotation of the plan.

In its first manifestation, Interval was a site-specific, interactive intervention into the display conditions of the UCLA MFA thesis exhibition format. Using an interlock of positive and negative procedures to rearticulate the existing systems of the New Wight Gallery, Interval asks how these conditions set the terms for relations that form within—among participating artists and between artworks and spectators.  By rearticulating the institutional frame of the exhibition, the artists momentarily reset the terms for relationality and exchange. Like the materiality of relations themselves, this intervention is interim and site-specific.  At the end of the exhibition, the work will be taken apart and repurposed.

Its second manifestation was part of Gerard & Kelly’s residency at the New Museum. Interval provided the technical support on which the artists and their collaborators conducted pole dancing classes, conversations, performances, and practice sessions. Sullied over time by the footprints of visitors and performers, these 4×8 plywood sheets were later repurposed as sculptural objects in the residency’s culminating exhibition.

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