“Re-Verb,” 2014. Installation view, New Museum, New York, NY, 2014

Re-Verb reformats the documentation of a performance which took place within the deconstructed risers of the black box theater at The Kitchen (New York).  For this performance, Gerard & Kelly transposed Richard Serra’s Verb List (1967-68) onto 108 magnets distributed throughout the structure, which two performers used  as a score for movement and interaction. The sound score is a field recording of the technical crew dismantling the risers.

The video work was exhibited with the drawing , in which the artists re-do Serra’s Verb List with 108 actions that relate to their own collaboration.  Amid some repetition from the 1968 list, Gerard & Kelly have inserted terms–affective (“to love, to kiss”), performative (“to choreograph, to kick”), and psychoanalytic (“to witness, to project”)–that define their practice and extend Serra’s investigation into material properties.  Two sprayed-rubber mattresses–Untitled (To borrow)–hang on the wall opposite the projection.