Recto/Verso—consisting of three scores, Clocks, Timeline and Calendar—explores a dynamic model of subjective formation in the context of a relationship between two people.  Conceived as an ongoing process of enactment and analysis of the relation of the couple, the performances improvise a model of relationality that resists the imperative of two becoming one (to reproduce).  The project asks how desire positions each individual of this unit differently in relation to the aspiration to remain in sync.

In the performance of the score Clock, two performers each enact the mechanics of a clock using their bodies in space, interacting with one another by falling in and out of sync.  Calendar uses one performer’s agenda as a score for motivating the other performer’s clock.  While the first performer reads aloud his appointments, indicating start and end times, the other uses these times as cues for performing his clock.  Over time, the performers’ shared agenda emerges in overlapping professional and social obligations.

Timeline opens the relation to history and memory.  Two performers circle the room in an interlocking floor pattern, walking side by side at first.  One recites a chronology of personal, political, cultural, and geological events that structure his appearance at this moment of the performance.  The list starts with “Now” and moves back in time as the body moves forward in space.  When memory falters, the other picks up with his own timeline, linking his starting point in association to something the other has said.  The interwoven chronologies inform one another, producing a narrative of reverse chronology as the performance proceeds.

Recto/Verso was first performed as part of “Anti-Establishment,” a group show curated by Johanna Burton at CCS Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, June-December 2012.  Further performances have taken place at LACE/Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits in January 2013 as part of the group show “LA Existancial,” curated by Marie de Brugerolle and at New Wight Gallery, Broad Art Center, UCLA, as part of the artists’ MFA thesis exhibition in April 2013.

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