Performance view, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, April 2016. Pictured: Lenio Kaklea. Photo: Michael Hart.

Reusable Parts/Endless Love is a score-based, interactive performance installation for a rotating cast of four dancers, presented on a potentially infinite loop. The dancers transmit and transform the instructions for a kiss between a man and a woman into a machine-like production of unscripted representations of intimacy. Each manifestation of the work begins where the previous one left off, accumulating endlessly for the duration of an exhibition.


Reusable Parts/Endless Love was commissioned by Danspace Project/St. Mark’s Church on the Bowery, New York, and first presented there in November 2011, curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor. The work was included in “Made in L.A. 2014” at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, curated by Connie Butler and Michael Ned Holte.

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