The Collectors

The Collectors is an international group of supporters of American artists Gerard & Kelly. In 2021 The Collectors will join together to partially underwrite the first work by Gerard & Kelly to enter a European museum collection.  

Following acquisitions by the Guggenheim Museum, Hammer Museum, and LACMA, the collection of Clockwork by MAMCO Geneva marks a new chapter in Gerard & Kelly’s artistic practice.

Gerard & Kelly, Clockwork | Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, 2018

Clockwork is a score-based performance, commissioned in 2018 by Pioneer Works (Brooklyn) with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  Clockwork was then presented in 2019 by the Festival d’Automne in Paris at Le Corbusier’s studio-apartment.

In 2020 Gerard & Kelly re-created Clockwork for The Apartment at MAMCO—a reconstruction of the collection and home of Ghislain Mollet-Viéville, a force in the development of Minimalism and Conceptual Art.

Gerard & Kelly Clockwork | MAMCO Geneva, 2020

By joining The Collectors you will ensure the ongoing presentation and preservation of a pivotal work of performance. Your support enables Gerard & Kelly to continue creating new work in 2021.

Click here to join The Collectors and make a tax-deductible contribution

With a gift of $2,500 you will receive:

  • Artwork: A limited edition print from Gerard & Kelly’s “score drawings” series. This new 20 x 30-inch print will be executed in an edition of 10 by Marginal Editions in New York, the artists’ fourth edition collaboration with the printmaker.
  • Virtual Visit: From Geneva to your screen, Gerard & Kelly invite you to a private Clockwork session in which they share the nuts and bolts of the performance score and discuss its relationship to MAMCO’s unique collection of artworks from the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Acknowledgement: You will be officially noted as a member of the acquisition committee for Clockwork at MAMCO, an acknowledgement that will appear whenever the work is shown.
Gerard & Kelly, Score Drawings | Le Commun, Geneva, 2020
Gerard & Kelly, Clockwork | MAMCO Geneva, 2020

Please join by making a tax-deductible contribution HERE. Every member of The Collectors will be acknowledged as part of acquisition committee for Clockwork at MAMCO. 

Gerard & Kelly at the Villa Savoye, 2019. Photo: Barrere and Simon

Thank you for your continued support of our work at this challenging moment. We are thrilled for this opportunity for a performance of ours to continue to live and grow in safe hands.  Take good care.” —Love, Brennan & Ryan